College of Engineering Bhubaneswar

College Of Engineering Bhubaneswar,popularly known as CEB, is a private institute located at Patia, Bhubaneswar in Odisha .The collage was established in the year 1999 under the aegis of Nabadigant Educational Trust and it is a part of Koustuv Group Of Institution. CEB is approved by All India Council of Technical Education (AICTE) NEW DELHI ,Govt. of India. And Affiliated to Biju Pattnaik University of Technology(BPUT), Rourkela,Government of Odisha. College of Engineering Bhubaneswar is Accredited by National Board of Accreditation (NBA) NEW DELHI ,Govt. of India .It has applied forDeemed university status since last 5 years.

Courses Offered:

Computer Science
Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering
Information Technology
Mechanical Engineering
Electrical Engineering
Civil Engineering
Electrical & Electronics Engineering
Automobile Engineering

Perfecting The Tool For Tomorrow’s Technology



Er. Prabhat Ranjan Mallick

Dr. Subrat Kumar Mohanty

Academic staff



Bhubaneswar, Odisha, India

Koustuv Technical Campus , Patia, Bhubaneshwar





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O.D.M Public School

In the year 1989, 10 students entered into a small dingy room which was supposedly their school and this was the first step towards a big dream visualized by a visionary educationist Dr. Satyabrata Minaketan, the Founder-Chairman of ODM educational group. With numerous degrees into his pocket and myriad career options before him, this man chose an unsteady and thorny path of establishing a school which would be a school with a difference and serve the mankind with real knowledge.That small room with 10 students was the beginning of what you see today as ODM Public School.

With no external support and no godfather, the school rose to heights and crossed several milestones year after year. A secondary school was set-up for Socio-Economic Backward children in 1992 followed by the school’s secondary branch in 1996. It then moved into a small campus with 350 children. Soon the quality of education, individual attention to students saw the numbers rise each year. It was only in 2005, the school took a giant leap by opening the Senior Secondary branch which saw the enrollment of 35 students in its first year. Following that, ODM became the first +2 CBSE residential school in Odisha, when it first introduced residential facilities for Senior Secondary Science students. The School has witnessed its evolution from a small building to a sprawling campus spread on 4 acres of land with 5 main blocks, from 10 students to a whooping 3500, from 2 teaching faculties to a fleet of 300+ staff. In years to come, it will definitely target the pinnacle of success by imparting qualitative education to inspire and change lives.

Source: O.D.M Public School Oofficial Website.

Lakshya Training Institute

C – Course Overview
Your first steps in the fascinating & captivating world of C with Linux, which is as exciting as it is challenging. This program will hand hold you through your initial steps and help you build a solid foundation for your future…
Advance C: Course Overview

A program to help you overcome the various challenges & unravel the mysteries of C Programming that you will face from time to time either in your college semesters or during campus tests or while on your first job till your last job. This is a time tested program which has spelled success for 30,000+ students before you!!!


Course Fee- 3000/-
This training is designed as an in-depth introduction to OOPS and C++. The training offered is based on online class room with LCD, theory, discussion, doubt clearance sessions and lab practices. The online class room example and lab-exercises given through out the course are designed to make you.Some other trainings are native c++, Advance C++, Programming with Qt, OpenGl, Windows Programming using Vc++.

Course Fee:
C++ – 3000Rs.
Programming with Qt- 10000 Rs.
OpenGl- 5000 Rs.
VC++- 5000 Rs.

Data Structure:

This training is designed as an in-depth introduction toData Structure using C/C++/Java. The training offered is based on online class room with LCD, theory, discussion, doubt clearance sessions and lab practices. The online class room example and lab-exercises given through out the course are designed to make you-
Understand the topic from grass-root.Empower your problem solving skills.
To appear any exam without any hesitation.Seat in campus with confident.

Everyday Lecture.
Tips and Tricks.
Lab Guides.
DVD of linux.
Any doubt by any one in special doubt clearance class room.University question patterns and their discussion.Direct call to faculty for any doubt

Course Fee:Rs. 3000
Duration: 2 month
Java is a programming language originally developed by James Gosling at Sun Microsystems and released in 1995 as a core component of Sun Microsystems’ Java platform. The language derives much of its syntax from C and C++ but has a simpler object model and fewer low-level facilities. Java applications are typically compiled to bytecode (class file) that can run on any Java Virtual Machine (JVM) regardless of computer architecture. Java is general-purpose, concurrent, class-based, and object-oriented, and is specifically designed to have as few implementation dependencies as possible. It is intended to let application developers “write once, run anywhere”.

Course Duration
Core Java 60 Hrs
Fees : Rs. 3000/-
Adv.Java(java EE) 60 Hrs
Rs. 3000/-

Microsoft . NET – Course Overview
.Net :- It is a technology from the Microsoft for developing applications for Desktop, Web and Mobile .

This training is designed to provide in-depth knowledge in .Net Technologies as per industry requirement. During the training we provide – strong foundation in programming skills using C#.Net and VB.Net , Data base handling using ADO.Net ,(MS Access, Sql Server 2005, Oracle, MySql ), how to perform data manipulation operation in disconnected environment. Web page designing using HTML,CSS,Java Script, Report Generation , ASP.Net, XML and Application Deployment, Study Material, DVD of demo programs, Interview Questions , Multilingual applications using Unicode characters etc.

After completion of the training exit profile for a student can be : Desktop Application Developer, Web Application Developer or a Web Page Designer etc.


Fees : 6000/-

LAKSHYA RDBMS training methodology is helped to implement the database in different angles of your carrier . Also it is taking lead in your university and campuses exams. Database systems have become an essential component of every software applications. One of the chief benefits cited for RDBMS’S was improved programmer productivity.
Computer science has given us two fantastic tools for analyzing and managing data complexity: the relational model, and language theory. Compiler technology has been bulletproof for decades because of terrific underlying abstractions like the context-free grammar. The longevity of the relational model is due to its similar foundation in a powerful abstraction. I would claim that we will see Relational DBMSes (RDBMS) for at least as long as we see compilers.
Why RDBMS/ORACLE at Lakshya

R&D in Database
International certificate, OCA Orientation Classes
University and Industry Compliant Syllabus
Multi – Platform Demonstration
Product Based Training
Real – Time Case Studies
Use of Latest Tools
LCD equipped class room
Unlimited Lab facility
Faculties drawn from Industries
Daily Handouts & Lab Exercise
Workshops on New Technologies
Online Question Practice
CSQL Project

RDBMS with ORACLE 100 Hrs
Rs. 3500/-
Rs. 5000/-


The Objective of the “Project Drive” Program at Lakshya is to transform a student into a Professional equipped with the latest tools and technologies widely accepted in the Industry.

This program basically consists of two Modules:

1. Extensive Training Module
2. Project Development Module

The Training Module is aimed at giving a solid understanding of core concepts as well as integrating various technologies to achieve the Software Development goal. During the training module, students have to go through some real time case studies which are designed to build a solid foundation before entering into the Project Development Module.

After successful completion of the program, a student not only can came up with a project but will also get great exposure to the industry environment and work culture.

I strongly believe the Project Drive Program will inject tremendous confidence into the students which will help them to face professional challenges in their career.
Course Fee – 4000/-


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Body of Lies

Body of Lies is an American spy thriller novel by David Ignatius, a columnist for The Washington Post. It was published by W. W. Norton in 2007. It was originally titled Penetration but was renamed after Warner Bros. bought the rights in 2006.


Roger Ferris is a CIA officer who sets a trap for a terrorist responsible for car bombings throughout Europe. Referencing the real (and highly successful) Operation Mincemeat, “Ferris’s plan is inspired by a masterpiece of British intelligence during World War II: He prepares a body of lies, literally the corpse of an imaginary CIA officer who appears to have accomplished the impossible by recruiting an agent within the enemy’s ranks.

Author- David Ignatius

Genre: Spy Thriller

Published: 2007

Pages- 320

Condition- Good

Love, A Rather Bad Idea

Love, a Rather Bad Idea is a 2010 novel written by Anirban Mukherjee, an alumnus of IIT Delhi and IIM Calcutta. It is a contemporary take on the young Indian graduate student. Set against the dazzle of the college festival at IIT Delhi, the book uses humor to bring out the various facets of student life and the related trade offs around aspirations, career, friendship and social belonging.

Genere: Fiction

Published: 2010

Condition: Good

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Aakash Medical Institute

Aakash Educational Services Pvt. Ltd. has emerged a benchmark in the arena of ‘Coaching & Guidance’ with its excellent performances in various Medical and Engineering Entrance Exams across India ever since its inception in 1988. Taking the legacy of excellence forward, today, Aakash has become synonymous with quality coaching for ‘Medical & Engineering’ Entrance Exams. For the last 20 years, it has been producing 1st Rankers in various Medical & Engineering Entrance Exams in India. Our 25 years of experience, over 40,000 selections in Medical & Engineering Entrance Exams., a country-wide network of 101 study centres with over 150 exam centres, a collective annual base of over 80,000 students, and above all, the trust of millions of parents, have together made it a reliable educational group in the arena of focused and qualitative preparation for Engineering & Medical entrance exams.

Phone: 0674 394 5454



Vidwan Classes

VIDWAN CLASSES was started with the idea of making life easier for the students whose minds are otherwise overloaded with information which could be cut down to only essentials. Vidwan Scholastics aims at the ultimate goal of achieving success in studies and toughest competitions – ‘Study Smarter, Not Harder’. The truth of the toughest competitions is that they can be cracked and the subjects mastered when the right approach is taken and a high quality teaching is provided to the students.



Mr. Janmejay Mandal
General Manager,
Mobile:- +91 94386 73777)

Head Office:

Vidwan Classes Pvt. Ltd

Plot no: 20, Kharavel nagar,
(Back side of Boyanika)
Unit – III, Bhubaneswar
Orissa, India

Ph. : +91-0674-2531120


Rourkela Office

Vidwan Classes Pvt. Ltd.
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Koel Nagar, Rourkela, Odisha

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Branch Office

Vidwan Classes Pvt. Ltd.
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